UltraTicket is the ultimate ticketing solution, as it allows businesses to keep their online ticketing fees
and increase their OWN profits markedly.


Fully Automated

UltraTicket is the world's only complete, fully automated ticketing solution!


At UltraTicket, we put ease-of-use above all else, making our software extremely user-friendly in every way imaginable.

Increased Profits

Eliminate the middleman, keep all of the ticketing fees as profits and increase your bottom line remarkably.

Branding Control

Your entire platform and presentation are easily customized to represents your company as you see fit.

UltraTicket Features

As an all-in-one ticketing platform, UltraTicket has the most complete set of features available. They together give rise to a fully automated system that's simple, straightforward and easy to use.

Financial Features

Fully automated system

Fully Automated

Everything from orders and payments to print-at-home and mail-order is handled 100% automatically.

Increased Profits

Increased Profits

Eliminate the middleman, keep all of the ticketing fees as profits and increase your bottom line!

Generates Working Income

Generates Working Capital

Generates working capital long before your event to better bankroll your endeavors.

Instant access to funds

Instant Access to Funds

With UltraTicket, your sales proceeds are available to you within 1 day to further bankroll your efforts!

PaymentGateway feature

Payment Gateways

Full integration with multiple payment gateways from PayPal and Stripe to many more.


Shopping Cart

Allows your customers to choose different ticket types and delivery options, as well as purchase tickets to your other events.

you control ticket fees

Ticket Fees

You control the prices for tickets, fees and more, not a third-party ticket agency.

Real Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Monitor your sales and your success real-time with easy-to-use charts, graphs and reports.

Branding Features

Complete Branding Control1

Branding Control

Your entire setup is easily customizable with templates, actions and filters.


Customer Management

Full integration with CRM software (like MailChimp and Constant Contact) and other email platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Post your events and more on social media seamlessly, straight from your UltraTicket platform.

SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications

Automatically sends SMS notifications to your ticket buyers pre- and post-purchase, pre- and post-entry and more.



Automatically sends targeted emails to your ticket buyers especially--your crème de la crème--at any time or frequency.

Custom Forms features

Custom Forms

Every company and event is unique. Send and/or gather information with custom forms.


Sales Tax

Allows sales tax to be added to your checkout process both quickly and easily.

Ticket Builder

Ticket Builder

Allows tickets to be customized to fit your branding and other business needs.

Ticketing Features


Unlimited Ticket Types

Build unlimited ticket types for each event. Customize quantity, check-in times, available check-ins per ticket and more.

Event Types

Event Types

Sell tickets for events that are daily, weekly, annual, single-day events, multi-day events or any combination therein.

PDF Tickets


Allows customers to either print their tickets or have them scanned straight from their smartphones upon entry.

Mail Order Shipping

Mail-Order Tickets

For those who want or need physical tickets, they're printed and mailed automatically, saving you time and making you money!

Self Hosted


Your UltraTicket solution is self-hosted on your own website for both security and ease of use.

Sell Tickets On Your Website

Sell Tickets on Your Site

For both convenience and trust, UltraTicket posts your events to, and sells your tickets on, your own website or subdomain.


Online/Offline Scanning

Host your events without worry over Internet coverage. Your portal will work even if your connection fails!

Check In App

Check-In App

UltraTicket is an extremely stable software platform, capable of scanning your patrons’ tickets quickly both online and off.

Cross Device

Cross Device

Works across all devices from smartphones and tablets to computers and POS systems.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform

From Apple and Android to Windows, UltraTicket works across all platforms and all of their previous versions.

Barcode reader Feature

2D Barcode Scanners

Works with 2D barcode scanners as well as smart devices. Either way, just point and shoot!


Translation Ready

Every word of your ticketing portal and check-in app is translated automatically for ease of use.

Sell Merchandise1

Sell Merchandise

Sell band, event or other related merchandise seamlessly right on your event pages.

Ticket Tracking

Ticket Tracking

Allows you to see if tickets have been redeemed, if particular patrons are onsite and more.

Ticket Discounts

Ticket Discounts/Promos

Send out promo codes for special offers, then sit back and enjoy as more sales roll in.

Custom Seating

Custom Seating & Sites

Allows patrons to choose their own seats, sections, campsites, etc. while completing their orders online.

Support Features

24 Hour Customer Service

24/7 Customer Support

Our customer service and technical support departments are always on call to assist you.

Mail Order Shipping

Mail-Order Shipping

Sign up for our automated mail-order service, keep most of the shipping fees and increase your profits further!

Web Design

Web Design

Sign up today and get the most vibrant, professional website for FREE as an integral part of your package.


Best-in-Class Hosting

Protect your data AND your customers. Our web hosting provides 6 levels of security and back ups.

More Features Coming Soon